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So your Girlfriend’s Mother died…

Things were going great!  we had been together for 10 months, things really strong and a bright future ahead for us both.  Having spent the first weekend of December together I knew she was off to Ontario to visit her family because her mother was in having Knee Replacement surgery.  Should be a simple procedure right? Yes, for most people.

a few days into the week she gets a call saying her father’s having a very difficult time because his Wife isn’t waking up from surgery!  oh great..  now a simple Knee Surgery has turned into complications.  She flies out a few days early and I soon get messages explaining it all.

I Won’t bore you with the minor details but they found out that a blockage in her digestive system lead to some problems that came up.

Sadly, after some hope and promise, her mother died on Christmas Day.

My GF did not come home till near the end of January and she was clearly distraught!  I didn’t get to see her for another week and you could tell just by looking at her that this whole tragedy had been incredibly hard on her.  Mentally she was not very good and Physically it had taken it’s toll.

My thoughts are intense, complex and racing around.  I have dealt with this very well, I don’t really have answers for her and I try my best to be supportive and caring.  I am aware that it will be a long recovery and that grieving for a lost loved one is not a quick thing.

Still, I miss the days before it all happened.

I have no experience in losing anyone close to me before.  Sure there have been members of my family but I have never had a close bond with them so the feelings are sorrow are there but I quickly move on.

Tough times are ahead, there will be good days and the bad!  Not quite sure what to think really.