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My Kia Forte: A Review

My Forte

Kia Forte SX 2010

This is my car, a Kia Forte SX 2010 Model.  I purchased it in October 2009 and I have already put on 42,000 KMs since then.

I would like to comment by saying overall it is a good car but they need to really improve in a few areas, especially when it comes to the kind of terrain I drive in.  First off the SX model has a number of differences from its EX and LX Models, like Sport suspension, 17 inch performance tires, Auto Environment (it keeps the temperature constant), steering wheel controls for the entertainment system the hands free Phone and Cruise Control, Moon roof, Fog lamps, as well as a bigger HP 170 engine 2.4L.

The one thing that I notice more than anything else is I CAN FEEL EVERYTHING!!!  every little hole in the road, bump, imperfection, rumble.. I feel it!  Smooth ride only occurs on the Highway when you are lucky enough to find a newly paved stretch of road!   YES it has great handling on curves and turns but when you hit a bump on the road or the decent sized pot hole, it bounces and you can feel the wheel in your hand moving.  Not exactly something you’d want to have to deal with day after day when the Spring comes and your city is plagued with pot holes.

I have already gone through one set of tires.  in the Winter of 2009-10 I somehow drove with something stuck in my front end and damaged my front drivers side tire.  And because in the winter the roads are crap, you cannot tell if there is a problem!  I did a tire rotation and immediately noticed there was an odd shake in my front end.

I had only had the vehicle for 5 months and I had a front end alignment problem!  SERIOUSLY?

So they did 2 alignments and finally determined that I needed new tires.  LOVELY…  took care of the tires in October.  Luckily I have not seen or felt anymore issues although they are due for a tire rotation again.

During the winter I had to deal with a foul egg smell with my heat.  I will have to have that looked at, fortunately it is warmer now so I don’t have the problem now but it will come back once the cold comes again.  I also have a fan that is making the soft squealing noise when they’re not at full, so that’ll need to be looked at too.

Everything else is good, no issues with transmission, engine issues, front suspension issues.  I’m happy otherwise but if I have to relocate to Kamloops BC, I may have to sell it and get an SUV type vehicle to deal with the weather they get in BC.

Just don’t expect it to be great for comfort and feel on the road, especially here in Edmonton.

Satellite Radio is a great feature it came with, especially now that I can control it all without taking my hands off the wheel.  It also has a port with its own special IPOD cable that I can connect my ITouch into and play all my music and have the titles and artists displayed on the screen!  Bluetooth for my cell phone is nice it has been quite useful!

The seats are heated in the front!  and the driver’s seat can rise up and down to accommodate any person, although I’m the only one who drives it.

Telescopic steering column is nice!  allows me to position myself exactly how I want to sit and not make me have to learn forward too much or feel uncomfortable in my vehicle.

So really, the only thing I can find about this vehicle that is a turn off is the suspension and feeling every single little thing on the road!  It’s great for long distance traveling and you can’t ever complain that you can’t get comfortable..   plus the gas mileage is very good!  a Full tank of Gas in the summer time in the City of Edmonton averaged about 470km.  This was travelling 73 km a day with some stopping while driving into the downtown.

I’ve only done 1 long distance trip with this vehicle, to Saskatchewan.  I got to Saskatoon on 1 tank and still had just over a quarter left to empty.

I even managed to survive an entire year before I tragically acquired a crack on the windshield!  Which to me was fantastic because my previous vehicle, (Nissan Versa) had no ability to take any rocks.  but that’s another story!

I am happy, I would have to give this car an overall 7.8 out of 10.    The major drawback is the front end suspension.


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