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My thoughts on the 2011 Canadian Federal Election

So we are 2 days away from the 41st Federal election in the history of this country and there is so much uncertainty going around that nobody is sure what will be the end result.

With the polls that have been coming out since the announcement of the May 2nd 2011 Election date, suggestions of another Conservative Minority is likely.  The surprise however is how the NDP (New Democratic Party) has become more popular since they started.

Current projections are the Conservatives winning 140 seats, NDP 96, Liberals 57 and the Bloc only 15, which gives the Conservative Party a Minority Govt.  Not exactly what our Prime Minister Stephen Harper wants.  He of course would like a Majority Government with at least 155 seats and full control of Parliament.

Now I live in a Conservative hot bed, Alberta and I am pretty certain that all but 2, maybe 3 seats will go to them.  a good possibility the NDP will win 1 and the Liberals in Calgary another.  Saskatchewan is pure Conservative as well, which gives them about 44 seats between the two provinces.

I am very surprised myself that the NDP has gained so many points in the last few Polls, and they’re predicting they will for the first time become the official opposition.

Now I am a Liberal supporter, I vote Liberal because their platform is the best that I find out there.  NDP to me is too socialist and the Conservatives just never show me any signs that they will do good for this country.  Only other choice is the Green Party but unless they can truly make themselves a serious contender I’ll never vote for them.

I am not happy about the Current Attack ads the Conservatives have been pushing into the Media.  Sun Media, who has numerous newspapers all across this country are self confirmed Conservative Supporters and printed the two articles that have been harsh against both the Liberals and the NDP Party.

The first one was where the Sun had a photo where Michael Ignatieff (Leader of the Liberals) was apparently in Iraq when the US Military first invaded in 2003.  Despite the uncertainty of the picture, the Paper decided to print the article showing the picture and smearing his name in the mud.


And then Today’s Article about Jack Layton getting a Massage in Toronto, 1996.  Suddenly comes up today in an attempt to smear Layton’s image and destroy his good name.


This was a great one.  a Pure attempt by someone in Toronto who wants to destroy Layton and his hopes in the Election.. the Toronto Sun and all Sun parties across the country printed the article late and was more than willing to help the Conservatives damage the NDP and their campaign.

Pathetic and selfish!  What the hell is wrong with some people?

there’s going out and campaigning and trying to make your pitch to get elected.  But you cannot go out there and smear a person’s name in the dirt in order to get an advantage!

It’s pathetic.

I really hope that the Conservative Party, if they do get elected get a small minority and have no choice but to make big changes and clean up their act!

Harper needs to go.


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