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Unknown possibilities

so, I am in the midst of a change in my life. I recently lost my job and a day after the unfortunate loss I got a phone call from a gentleman in British Columbia, Canada about a job opportunity that is in Kamloops BC. If I were to get the job I would have to relocate from my current location in Edmonton, Alberta.

It’s a huge opportunity for myself but at the same time there is a lot that I would be leaving here and a lot of new possibilities.

I believe the two biggest fears are that I’d be leaving my family and my best friend. My friend, Kristy I have known for 7 years and we share a lot. being Eight hours away from her would be difficult to handle at first because she’s really all I have. Yes I have my family and they’re always here but I need to get away and start new. Kristy on the other hand, will be the hardest to get over. She obviously wouldn’t be around and I’d be alone.

Yes there are other people that I’d meet and get to know new friends. But I am not exactly Mr. Socialable! It would be one of the biggest things for myself to overcome and as hard as it would be for me I will do it.

But it’s the biggest chance I have. My life would grow so much by doing this (assuming that I get the job)

It is only an Eight hour drive from Kamloops.. as well it’s a 3 1/2 hour drive to Vancouver! so I can easily head to the Coast for a weekend getaway whenever I like! Independence is something I crave, but at what cost?

I won’t say no if they offer it, bottom line.


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